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Maniacal Maniacs i- Join Today

Maniacal Maniacs is a Horde PVP/PVE Guild looking to recruit fun active players that like to enjoy Classic WoW. We will be doing all aspects of the game. Our goal is to have at least one (Hard Core) Raid Group and one Casual, all players are welcome.

We will also form groups for both World PvP and BG. The group of players forming the guild have played together for many years, we are all classic players from 2004 and on, we have played many games since. Maniacal Maniacs is a fun and healthy guild that enjoys gaming, we are all here to have fun and joke around.

(Have a good sense of humor). Any drama between players will result in a kick, no one wants it. We will use Loot Council as our method to
distribute gear. If you want a great atmosphere for playing with a bunch of friendly, helpful players hit us up in Discord. We will be recruiting day 1.

Raid Times- TBD

Server- Whitemane


Mature & Friendly --- No Drama; If you're mean, you will be punished! We reserve the right to deal punishment as we deem necessary.

Discord --- Discord is mandatory, but voice chat is not. We would love to hear your voices!

Adaptive --- You should be capable and willing to learn new/old content.

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